Adjara is an Autonomous Republic of Adjara in the territory of Georgia located in the utmost southwest of Georgia. All year long immersed in green forests and washed by the Black Sea this ancient land situated at the bottom of mountain ridges of Minor Caucasus is fabulously beautiful and original. Mild climate and majestic nature reign there.

Sea beaches, mountain ridges, velvet woods, crystal waterfalls, stone gorges, bottomless lakes, foamy rivers and many other beautiful natural attractions are concentrated in this small nook of the earth. There the holiday makers can experience the unique exotic flavor of this place expressed in the motley mix of eastern and western cultures – try delicious national dishes, become eyewitnesses of traditional life of the Adjarians, take pleasure in sightseeing, and buy original souvenirs.

Adjara is also well-known for its curative mineral springs. A vacation in Adjara will impress everyone who will choose to spend unforgettable days in sunny Adjara.

Adjara ‘’Gonio’’

The oldest fortress of Georgia – the Gonio Fortress (or the Gonio- Apsaros Fortress) occupying the territory of 4,5 ha is situated in village of Gonio in Adjara, 15 km from Batumi city. The fortress history amounts to several millenniums. The ancient archeological layers, dug in the fortress territory belong to the XV-XVII centuries BC. There exists a legend that the name of Apsaros originates from the ancient Greek myth about Argonauts. According to the legend this was the place where Apsyrtus, King Aet’s son killed by Jason, was buried. 

Adjara ‘’Sarpi’’

Sarpi  is a border village on the coast of the  Black sea, on the border between Turkey and Georgia .Sarpi is the main land border crossing between the two countries and a major conduit for business travel, especially for Turkish companies doing business in Batumi. Sarpi is located about 12 km south of Batumi and about 20 km northeast of Hopa, Turkey.

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