David Gareja Complex

David Gareja complex comprises hundreds of in-rock premises temples, cells, warehouses, rooms etc. This cave complex is located in Gare Kakheti and stretches 25 km along the semidesert slopes of the Gareja range representing a majestic view. All in all there were found 14 monastic complexes constructed at various times – David’s Monastery, Mokhatuli, Tsamebuli, Natlis-Mttsemeli, Djdjs Rka and others. Historically the beginning of the complex is related to the first half of the 6th century when one of the 13 Syrian Fathers named David (he and his pupils were buried in David Gareja) made a solitary Gareja cave his home and soon founded the first monastery there – David’s Monastery. In the same century his pupils Dodo and Lukyan founded another two monasteries – Dodos Rka and Natlis-Mttsemeli.

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